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Enjoy your treatment !

No pain, Yes gain.
Being happy leads to greater health

Is your treatment HAPPY enough
to achieve GOOD HEALTH?

A digital therapeutics that have the best of both clinical effect and pleasure. ​
Positive experience is an important determinant of better health outcomes.*

Our Mission & Vision

​"Play your treatment, open a new tab of life" 
We deliver totally new type of treatment, providing positive experience in an exciting digital world, that induces change within individuals' mind and body. ​

Game & Software

Our playful contents promote healthy behaviors by increasing patient engagement.


We design products that are easy to use, safe to use, and most of all, better to use to improve quality of treatment. 


With solid scientific evidence,

we develop trusted digital therapeutics.


Thinking outside the box,

we suggest the gold standard of 

entertaining digital healthcare.

Social responsibility

Our responsibility is to boost everyone's well-being to build a healthier society.

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Company History 

2017.03.15    Founded

2018.05.01   Participation in AI Bio-Robot Medical Convergence Project

2018.11.01    Relocation of company

2019.06.21   2019 WMIT Medical Device Idea Startup Contest Grand Prize 

2019.11.06    best technology companies selected by the Korea Technology Finance Corporation

2019.11.07    Selected as a venture company

2020.08.12    Seed Investment - Spring Camp

2020.10.01    Participation in TIPS project (Tech Incubator Program for startup Korea)

2021.06.01    Participation in innovative medical device demonstration support project

2022.12.01    Participation in TIPS commercialization program

2022.03.10    Signing MOU between Delvine and Seoul St. Mary's Hospital

2022.03.15    Selected as a permit assistant target by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

2022.07.13    Gwanak S-valley demoday TOUR 2 1st prize

2022.09.08   The top 10 finalists in Mental Health category of "Health Tech Callengers"


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